A new world of steel

The immense growth in prosperity and welfare have largely been dependent on one material: steel. Without the ingenious use of steel, this expansion would not have been possible. Hollandia has been contributing towards the European steel evolution since 1928. The development of our profession goes simultaneously with modern techniques in steel construction. By pushing the boundaries we extend our expertise which we apply in the higher, bigger and more complex projects we build today. 

In the steel construction social, ecological and economical interests are closely connected and they force us to take responsibility. The challenges we face today inspire us to deliver the best products and services possible. 

We build a new world of steel through innovation in design, engineering, project management, construction and maintenance.  We learn to optimize the constructional aspects of steel to the highest level so future constructions will become even more advanced and durable. 

To reach the highest level of production and service Hollandia invests in employment development, technology and production facilities. Our shared knowledge and experience therefore expand and opportunities grow to deliver more effective and durable solutions for the constructional challenges we encounter tomorrow. 

A total service

Clients choose to collaborate with Hollandia for design, engineering, production, manufacturing, transport and assembly of steel constructions, high-tech systems and half fabrications. In addition, Hollandia is also an ideal partner for the maintenance and management of steel constructions.

Our own team of engineers and designers utilize the latest equipment in their design studies. Not only do they conceive the best structural solutions for each project, but close attention is also paid to economy of build.

Hollandia has modern computerized machinery with spacious, well-equipped production halls. Our production staff - often trained in our own school, meet the highest industry standards. Our welders, for example, are qualified according to the latest standards and processes.

Transport, site assembly work and commissioning is also carried out in-house to offer the total construction solution. Safety is the central focus for everything we do.