J-lay tower for the Petrofac JSD6000

Hollandia Offshore has been awarded by IHC EB with the contract for the fabrication of the J-lay tower for the Petrofac JSD6000. The scope of work comprises steel procurement, work shop engineering, fabrication, painting, machining and partially outfitting. The tower is nearly 70 meters long and 17 meter wide and when completed weighs approximately 1000 ton. Delivery to IHC EB will be in the second quarter of 2015. This contract adds an new project to the long track list of Hollandia Offshore for high end offshore steel fabrication.

The Petrofac JSD6000 will be available for offshore construction and installation in early 2017. The vessel will be equipped with a J-lay tower, an S-lay stinger and a 5000 ton revolving crane.